Friday, July 15, 2011

Jesus loves me (more than you)

I am officially an adult now, living on my own. Assuming it would be like every birthday since age twelve, the instant significance of the moment struck me acutely when I watched my parents walk through the automatic glass doors of the airport terminal: I am alone. I am free. I am responsible for so much. I am independent. I am unsure what comes next. I am unattached. I am unprepared. I am excited. I am going to get a ticket if I don't pull out from in front of the doors soon. All these I am's at once, but the most surprising: I am okay.
Okay because, as was the answer (marked correct and given credit about 80% of the time) to all the high school religion course exam questions that escaped my mind: Jesus loves me. He must, because my new life has some pretty cool shit in it, to put it bluntly. Because I have yet to start aching for my (old? former? no longer? still?) home, the wise thing to do is to list why my new home and life is cooler than a Minnesota February. When the homesickness hits (and it will, like a giant cartoon anvil falling from the sky on Wile Coyote's unsuspecting head), I will remind myself of everything that makes me want to be here and nowhere else.
My gas stove - one of my criteria when I chose my housing (priorities, right?)
My own bathroom - the shower stall may be smaller than the cardboard moving cave I had in my car, but it's mine
My (roommate's) dog, Rory - who doesn't love a big mushy Rottweiler sweetiepants? Especially when you're a twenty-something single woman living in a big city
My new mattress - I may not get to spend as many hours in it as I would like in the coming months, but it's still awesome
My roommate - she loves Brussels sprouts. Enough said.
My job - I have one, which is more than a lot of people can say
My future - I'm going to be a doctor. For real.


sheltymom said...

You have too much time on your hands! You can get paid to write like this, ya know? Glad to hear that Valerie likes brussels sprouts. Ewwwwww! Glad I don't have to smell them anymore. :)

Tammy Cyr said...

Megan ~

I had tears in my eyes reading your post. You said a lot of probably what most young people don't after leaving home to conquer the world (so-to-speak). This also reminded me that my 15 year old will soon be embarking on the same adventure...sooner I must say than I want! Your Mom and Dad (actually everyone in our family) must be so proud of who you have become! I wish you peace and happiness! ~Tammy (your Mom's cousin) :-)